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At Evolved, we engineer and manufacture peer-reviewed, sanitary processing equipment. We also stock and distribute hundreds of products from the industry’s top vendors.

The evolution of ethanol extraction

Evolved Extraction Solutions was founded in 2016 by a team of innovators in botanical extractions. We design, develop and implement ethanol extraction solutions across Canada & the U.S

Evolution of Ethanol Extraction

Our Story

Evolved Extraction Solutions was founded in 2016 in British Columbia, Canada by a team of innovators in botanical extraction. Adam Temple, CEO of Evolved Extraction Solutions shares a unique passion for the ethanol extraction processing industry with his brother Liam Temple (COO) and close personal friend Matthew Erickson (CRO) and these three have worked tirelessly to build Evolved Extraction Solutions into what it is today. Originally created as an E-commerce company, the business evolved into a full retail store providing hundreds of products to clients mainly in British Columbia. 

Sensing the growing need for full-scale, modular extraction solutions, Evolved created an expert engineering team dedicated to designing, testing and developing ethanol extraction solutions. With a team of extraction experts and a professional engineering team, Evolved Extraction Solutions transformed into much more than just an E-commerce site. Evolved now serves small, medium and enterprise markets across Canada and the United States.

Evolved Extraction Solutions creates and designs turn-key, modular ethanol extraction solutions and has hundreds of products to support and maintain these extraction processes. Whether you are looking for a full set of modules or a replacement part for your own extraction module, Evolved Extraction Solutions has you covered.

Investing In People

We make things personal by elevating our clients, employees and community. We aim to evolve the extraction community into an industry.

Evolved Extraction Team
Evolved Extraction Community

Value at Every Stage

We provide the right solution for our client’s business needs, always starting with their end goal in mind. We promise to guide our clients with expert knowledge and advice to provide value at each step along the way.

Extraction Expert Knowledge
Single Touchpoint
Hundreds of unique products

Single Touchpoint

With hundreds of unique products in our inventory and an expert team of engineers, we are your single touchpoint for set-up and installation, maintenance and support of turn-key extraction solutions.

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