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At Evolved, we engineer and manufacture peer-reviewed, sanitary processing equipment. We also stock and distribute hundreds of products from the industry’s top vendors.

Our Story

Evolved Extraction Solutions manufactures and distributes industry-leading modular cannabis processing equipment. We integrate our EV-MASS ethanol extraction modules into a single, customized end-to-end processing system designed to fit with our client’s specific objectives and facility layout.

Our flagship EV-MASS solution design allows for versatile configuration and simplifies the installation at our client’s facilities. By being the single touchpoint for our clients, we obtain a holistic view of the client’s entire process and business objectives. This heightens our ability to support them throughout their unique journey in founding, operating and scaling their business. We stock hundreds of products needed to operate a commercial cannabis processing facility, streamlining the procurement of all of the supplies with one trusted source.

This high touch model helps us understand our client’s needs so we can optimize their operations and scale up their throughput quickly when they need more capacity. This is all backed by our industry-leading “Evolved Performance Promise” meaning our job is not complete until our client has met their objectives. Evolved now serves small, medium and enterprise clients across Canada and the United States.


Keeping you operational

Downtime is bad for your bottom line. Our commitment is to maximize the uptime of all your processes.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Large inventory of parts, solvents, and consumables
  • key supplies, delivered when you need them
  • Consistent high quality inputs for your processes
  • Ongoing service and support from our knowledgeable technicians

Right tool for the job

We believe every extraction method has a purpose if it’s used to maximize its unique efficiencies. We are committed to your efficiency with results-orientated recommendations.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Start with your end goal in mind to deliver an integrated process to meet your goals
  • Holistic approach on all your processes to create a seamless workflow
  • Tailor your solution to maximize your limited factors (Facility, regulatory, budget)
  • Offer a variety of cutting edge tech, ensuring that our recommendations are ideal for your specific requirements.

Invested in your success

Our business model is geared towards long term partnerships with our clients. We align our interests to ensure your ongoing success.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Product and service offerings are designed to align with the long term success of our clients
  • Provide after-sale support, supplies, and solutions
  • An intimate knowledge of your business saves you time and money
  • Guarantee the performance on our integrated solutions with our Evolved Performance Promise

Evolved Performance Promise

All Evolved Solutions tackle unique limiting factors at our client’s facilities. We work with your team to design a tailored solution that maximizes the performance given those limitations. The Evolved Performance Promise is our pledge that the solution Evolved delivers will perform at your facility to produce the results that we have agreed upon to define your success.


Our job is only complete once our on-site Performance Review ensures that your solution is able to perform to the results defined by our agreement.





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