#35 Pinch Clamp

10A Molecular Sieve

10L Vacuum Bottle

12" TC Open Ended Spool w/ Handles

12L Fabric Heating Top

12L Full Bore Short Path Kit

12L Heating Mantle

16 cu. ft. Sealing Gasket

1st GEN 1500W Heating Element

1st GEN 3000W Heating Element

2" Sight Glass Replacement Seal Kit

20L / 50L Check Valve Gasket

20L Short Path Kit

20L Vacuum Bottle

24/40 Inner to GL-14 Hose Connect Adapter

24/40 Inner to GL-18 Hose Connect Adapter

24/40 PTFE Joints

24/40 Single Cow Adapter w/ PTFE Valve & Viton Gaskets

3" End Cap w/ Dip Tube

3/8" Ready Rod

3/8" Threaded Mounting Plate

34/45 PTFE joint

3A Molecular Sieve

4" Spool

5 Liter Short Path Distillation Kit

50L Rotary Flask

5L / 10L Check Valve Gasket

5L Fabric Heating Top

5L Heating Mantle

5L Rotary Flask

8" TC * 36" Jacketed Spool

8" TC * 40" Spool

Absorbent Media filter Bag


ACME Lab Stand

Activated Hardwood Carbon

Activted Bentonite Clay

Ai 20L Single Jacketed Glass Reactor

Ai Cold Trap Condenser

AI Heating Mantle Temperature Probe

Apollo Vacuum Controller

ASME Sanitary Clamps

Assembly Fee

Auto Siphon Centre Tube

Ball Valve

BioFrost 80

Bleaching Clay

Bolt Combos

Buchner Funnel

BULK Natural Silicate

Bung Plug

Carbon A


Carboy Double Spout Cap

Carboy Drier

Carboy Handle

Cascade Oven Package

CDO-28 Mesh Bags

Charcoal Powder

Chemical Resistant Squeeze Bottle



Citric Acid

CMEP Compressor O-ring

CMEP replacement Parts

CO2 Extractor

Condensing Coils


CPS TR-19 Complete Rebuild Kit

CPS TRS21 Recovery Pump Rebuild Service


Degumming Enzyme

Diamond Miner Gaskets

Diaphragm Pump

Digital Auto Temp Control

Digital Homogenizer

Digital Temperature Monitor

DigiVac Thermocouple

Dip Tube / Coil Tank Upgrade

Dispensing Needle


Double Jacketed Glass Reactor

Dry Ice Pellets

Dry Scroll Pumps

Dual Inline Distribution Adapter

e-lab 24/40 Glass Funnel

E-lab PRO Replacement Support Rod

e-lab PTFE Stir bar

e-lab Temperature Probe

e-lab Vacuum Oven Shelf

e-vap 10L Roto Vap

e-vap 20L Manual Roto Vap

e-vap 50L Manual Roto Vap

e-vap 50L Motorized Dual Condenser Roto Vap

e-vap 5L Roto Vap

e-vap Flask Carrier

e-vap GLass Feeding Tube

e-vap Glass Vacuum Port

e-vap replacement Flask Gasket

e-vap Replacement Top Condenser

e-vap Rotary Evaporator Top Glass Vacuum Port Gasket

e-vap Rotary Evaporator Top Vacuum Clamp

E2M28 Oil Mist Filter

E2M40 Co-Seal Nitrile

E2M40 NW40 'C' Clamp

EasyVac 9 Repair Kit

Enclosed Buchner Filter Funnel Kit

Ethanol Extractor

Etholyne Glycol

EVOLVED #35 Pinch Clamp

EVOLVED 1000mL Cold Trap Flask

Evolved 12L HW Distillation Cow

Evolved 2-Neck RB Flask

Evolved 250mL HW Receiving Flask

Evolved 2L 2-Neck RB Flask

Evolved 2L HW Distillation Cow

Evolved 2L Short Path Head

Evolved 4" Laboratory Loading Funnel

Evolved 500mL HW Receiving Flask

Evolved 5L 2-Neck RB Flask

Evolved 5L HW Distillation Cow

Evolved 5L HW Single Distillation Cow

Evolved Complete Dry Ice Cold Trap

Evolved Path Heads

Evolved Short Path Heads

Explosion Proof Fans


Eye Wash Kit

Filter Driers

Filter Gaskets

Filter Plates


Flask Clamp

Flexible Distributor Cap

Floor Fan

Flow Scientific Terpenes

Fraction Finder

Freeze Dryer



Gen 1 e-vap 20L Roto Vap

GEN 2 e-lab 9cfm vacuum pump

Gen. 1 e-vap Glass Feeding Tube

Gen. 1 e-vap Rotary Evaporator Glass Joint Vacuum Port

German Cross Clamp

GL-16 connectors

GL-18 Connectors

GL45 Distribution Cap

Glass Beaker Cleaning Brush

Glass Cleaning Bath

Glass Pipette

Glass Syringe

GoldLeaf Isolation Valve

Grade 19 Vacuum Pump Oil


Heat Gun

Heated Circulator

Heated Recirculators

High pH Carbon

High Pressure Relief Valve

High Temp Gloves

Hochstrom Filter Papers


Hose Clamp

Hose Insulation

Hose Mender

Hot Plate Clamp

Huber Heaters / Chillers

Huber Unistat Circulators

Hydrocarbon Extractor

Hydrocarbon Extractor Combos

Intercool P-300

KF25 Fitting

KF25 Valve

Lab Accessories

Lab Equipment

Lab Rack

Lab Society Dual Cold Trap

Lab Society Short Path Kit

Lab Stand Sky Jack

Lab Stand Support Rod

Lab Stand Table Clamp

Lab Support Post (Post Only)

Lab Support Stand (Base Only)

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Glass Dish

Laboratory Glass Drying Rack

Laboratory Glassware


Liebig Condenser

Low Temp Gloves

Low Temperature Ball Valve

Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Sulphate

Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer

Material Socks

Metal 24/40 Keck Clips

Metal 34/45 Keck Clips

Mineral Clay

Motorized Jacketed Reactor

Mountable Enclosed Motor Fan

Mounting Clamps for Extractor Rack

Needle Valve

NW32/40 Aluminum Swing Clamp (KF40)

NW40 Centering Ring (KF40)

NW40 to 1" Adapter

NW40/25 Reducer

Nylon Material Socks

Oven Accessories

Oven Sealing Gasket

Oven shelves


Packable Distillation Head

Parchment Paper

Pipe Clamps

Pizza box

Plastic 24/40 Keck Clips

Plastic Funnel

Plastic Pipettes

Plastic Syringe

Port Manifold

Processing Equipment

ProofUP Beads (3A)

PTFE Funnel

PTFE Roto Vap Valve

PTFE Stopper

Pump Rebuild Kit

Pump SAE Port Adapter


Pyrex Glass Wool

Quantitative Filter Paper

Rebuild Kits


Recovery Pumps

Replacement 20L Boiling Flask - UL

Replacement CVO-5 Heat Kill Module

Replacement e-vap Gaskets

Replacement Gaskets

Replacement Master Vapor Ch

Replacement Oil Mist Filter

Replacement Plug

REV-10 Heating coil

REV-20 Replacement Clamps

REV-20 Tee Flask

Ring Clamps

Rosin Press

Rosin Press Bags

Rotary Evaporation Accessories

Rotary Evaporator Flask Wrench

Rotary Evaporators

Roto Vap Replacement Parts

RotoVap Flask coller & Nut

Rubber Adapter Set

RubberFab Screen Gaskets

RUSH CMEP-OL Rebuild Service

Safety Equipmemt & Tools

Sasquash M1 Replacement Plates


Schott bottle

shipping only


Short Path Class

Short Path Distillation Kit

Sight Glass

Silicone Tubing

Single Cow Distribution Adapter

Single Distribution Adapter

Slab Pan

Slab Rack

Slab Rack Cover

Sodium Bicarbonate


Solvent Tanks


Sondergut Silikate Pulver

Sous Vide Evaporation Balls


Square Bracket

SS Spatula

Stainless Mechanical Trap Insert

Stainless Steel Filter

Stainless Steel Teflon Tape

Steel Wool


Summit 10L Digital Mantle

Summit 20L Digital Mantle

Summit 2L Digital Mantle

Summit 5L Digital Mantle

Summit Carbon B

Summit Carbon C

Summit Distillation Heads

SuperVac 21 Rebuild Kit

T80 / T40 Silicone Insulating Ring

Teflon Stopper Valve O-ring

Temperature Probe

Terpene Distillation Kit


Thermocouple (J)

Thermocouple Leads


Thin Film Evaporator

Tri-Clamp Parts

True Terpenes

True Terpenes - Sample Pack

UL Rotary Evaporators

Ultra Low Temperature Ball Valve

Ultra-Low Chest Freezer


Vacuum Combo

Vacuum Gauge

Vacuum Gauge Thermocouple

Vacuum Grease

Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump Accessories

Vacuum Pump Manifold Kit

Valves and Fittings

Vapour Pressure Controller

Water Circulating Vacuum Pump

Water Heater

WAX Liquidizer

Welch 1400 Repair Kit

Welch Directorr Pump Oil

Welch Manifold 2, PP

Welch Membrane removal Spanner Wrench

Welch Membrane Repair Kit

Welch PEEK Valves

Welch Pump #021 O-ring

Welch Pump Valve Holder