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CO2 Extractor - Apeks 2000 PSI High Production Series

  • $391,664.70

The Duplex can process 48-96 pounds of dried botanical material per day. The system is optimized for subcritical extraction, which means low pressure/low temperature extractions. Processing subcritically means you preserve terpenes and don’t need any post-processing! The Duplex can also process supercritically (high pressure/high temperature), so you get the best of both worlds with this system!

Introduced at 2017 MJ Biz Conference in Las Vegas, the Duplex system is a subcritical high production system that will change the way everyone talks about extraction efficiency! The system is more efficient than liquid-pumping systems and is built to be future-proof. Preserve those valuable terpenes and extract your oil in a fraction of the time, saving time and money. The system can also process supercritically, so you will get the best of both worlds with this new system!

  • Flow rate of 6.1kg per minute
  • Process 48-96 pounds per day
  • Continuous batch operation means no down time between runs
  • Four separators and two separator cups support continuous batch
  • The system only uses 20hp, including the chillers
  • More energy efficient than liquid-pumping systems
  • The control panels are future-proof and built to be part of a connected enterprise
  • Interfaces with a SQL database
  • Integrated chiller control completes the automation package
  • You can collect much more data from your system with the new control panel
  • Powered by Rockwell Automation
  • Our Industrial Control panels are UL Listed!
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) is now written to ANSI/ISA 101 standards, meaning the screen and graphics are easier to read
  • The system is cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes) friendly
  • Read more about cGMP here

Utilizing subcritical and supercritical CO2, these systems offer high-capacity, high-production operations with fast, efficient extractions of botanical oils without thermal degradation. The 5000psi Production Series is equipped with the patent-pending Dual-Phase Pumping System which combines a liquid pump allowing for high CO2 flows at higher pressures with the Diaphragm Compressor Technology gas pump for energy-efficiency and cold separation.

These highly versatile systems provide a wide range of processing options and large-scale production capabilities. The high production systems can process up to 100 pounds of material per day!

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