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CO2 Extractor - 10L Closed Loop CO2 Supercritical

  • $149,940.00

Super|SubCritical CO2 Extractor, 10L, Closed Loop

10L supercritical/supercritical CO2 equipment for botanical and essential oil extraction - This unit is built to order with an 8 week lead time

  • CO2 pump to increase pressure from 1000-3000psi
  • Two separate 3.5L extraction chambers that can be changed online during extraction, minimizing downtime.
  • Two stage separation vessels with adjustable pressure
  • Solid state heating with adjustable controllers for extraction and separation steps
  • All components high pressure stainless steel
  • Entire system can be easily disassembled and reassembled for easy cleaning and changeover
  • Capable of running multiple runs at different parameters to obtain various end product

Closed Loop system

  • Recycling CO2 back into system, minimal CO2 is lost during operation
  • Can run continuous long extraction runs, minimize downtime by changing extraction vessels online
  • System requires 208VAC, single phase 80Amp, and 208VAC, 3 phase 50Amp service.

Semi-Automated Controls

  • System to monitor pressure and temperature during extraction runs
  • Identifies alarms and limits for process, and notifies operator
  • Stores operational data for each run 

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