EVR-15 Hydrocarbon Extractor System

  • $59,868.90

The EVR-15 is a high throughput extraction system designed for easy and efficient  operation. The design allows for reloading of the material columns while solvent from the previous run is still recovering. This significantly increases labor productivity. Features include:
  • Isolate columns from the collection vessel to recover them seperately. 
  • Hot Loop capability assures complete recovery of solvent from the material columns
  • (2) T85 solvent tanks allows the user to measure solvent supply weight accurately - switching from recovery to supply seamlessly.
  •  (3) 6" * 40" material columns with up to 15lb capacity.
  • (1) MVP 6CFM recovery pump allows for 1lb/ min solvent recovery. 
  • (1) CPS TRS21 recovery unit handles recovery of material columns.
  • (2) e-lab EC-2050 heated circulators

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