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CO2 extractor - MEDXtractor CO2 Extractor

  • $4,369.68

Maximum Operating Pressure: 1700 psi.

Modes:  subcritical (liquid) or supercritical.

Applicability: 2oz up to 4lbs/month, 5oz up to 9lbs/month.


Our patented Extractors: 

• produce a top-quality, potent raw oil; 
• produce extract from trim, flower, rosin chips and bubble residual; 
• require little, or no post-processing; 
• don`t leave hydrocarbon residue in the extract;
• are inexpensive compared to other CO2 extractors on the market; 
• can pay for themselves in less than a month; 
• are simple to operate and don’t require any special infrastructure;
• have no mechanical pumps;
• have stainless steel construction;
• recapture/recycle CO2 – they operate as a closed loop system.

PLUS, production volume can be increased simply by adding more machines.


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