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Decarb Oven - Cascade Sciences CDO-28 Dry

  • $15,400.98

Cascade’s Drying Oven Model CDO-28 is a powerful, large capacity forced air laboratory oven.
Ideal Uses:
  • Industrial scale forced-air convection drying
  • Decarboxylation processes
  • Drying organic material. Drier material will yield better results than processing wet material. Removing as much moisture as possible pre-processing will save time in in the post process of vacuum purge and winterization.
  • Lab glassware dryer
NRTL Certified and Made in USA
  • Built to highest quality standards with the NRTL Certifcation. A requirement of many municiplaities.
  • With triple wall construction the CDO-28 meets CE, UL and TUV requirements to keep work-spaces cool.
  • Horizontal Airflow. The airflow moves uniformity across the shelf space from right to left
  • Digital set-point control, timer and overtemp failsafe protection
  • Humidity sensor displays relative humidity / moisture levels during process
  • Fast heat-up: 24 Minutes to 300°F / Uniformity: +/- 3.5°F
  • Stainless steel interior / Food lab grade construction
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 6 sliding, extending shelves for ease of loading
  • 6 temp rated, large capacity mesh bags for easy loading & uniform drying of messy powders, ground up or turbulent materials

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