Recovery Cylinder FILLED with 120 lbs N-BUTANE

  • $1,703.40

Evolved branded 100# cylinder with dual port valve (y-valve).

  • Pre-cleaned Manchester Cylinder (100# TC/DOT LP-gas cylinder)
  • Rotarex Y-Valve with liquid and vapor ports designed for LP-gas recovery.
  • 42" dip-tube
  • Rated for up to 375 PSI (375 PSIG relief valve)
  • Holds up to 120 lbs of butane or 100 lbs of propane
  • 1/4 SAE fitting on vapor port; POL fitting on liquid port (dip-tube). Comes with any necessary adapter fittings.

N-Butane (120 lb)

  • Colourless liquefied gas with no added odourants, free from oil and contaminants. Guaranteed purity above 99.50%. Typical purity above 99.79%.
  • 16 PSI at room temperature
  • Net butane weight = 120 lb, cylinder tare weight = 69 lb, Total shipping weight = 189 lb
  • Use in a WELL VENTILATED AREA equipped with leak a detector


    Wondering where to buy butane in Canada? Evolved Extractions ships butane all over Canada along with all of our other products that we offer. 


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