A modular, scalable, ethanol-based extract solution.

Under one-week lead times available now.

Evolved Extraction-EVMASS

Solution Benefits

  • Easy to set-up & configure (installation services available)
  • Single-operator friendly
  • Minimal servicing or maintenance
  • Batch pre-sets & memory capability
  • Financing options available
The EV-MASS-CS30 Centrifugal Separator provides ease of use, configurability, and expansion options.

Designed and manufactured in Canada, the EV-MASS Centrifugal Separator was developed by Evolved engineers in response to the needs of commercial-scale processors for an economical, scalable extraction platform.

From a single unity processing up to 600-lbs of cannabis daily, to an integrated system of multiple process skids operating in parallel, this solution is ideal for scaling up production throughput.

EV-MASS centrifugal Separator was designed for quick and easy set-up, and use by a single operator.

Solution Overview

The EV-MASS Centrifugal Separator provides a human-machine interface (HMI) for user management, operating controls, monitoring, reporting, and analytics for everything from one-off batch processing to pre-set shift cycles.

Installation, systems integration, training, and maintenance packages are available as add-on options with any purchase or lease.


  • Dimentions: 29″ D x 45.5″ L x 58.5″ H
  • 2-HP C1D1 motor
  • Power requirements: 200VAC-240VAC 15A 60HZ circuit
  • Rated for -45C / -58F
  • 80-litre, 14G / .781″ formed 304 stainless steel basket
  • 20-30 min. batch cycle time per 20-30lb batch (Based on mill size, temperature, chemical make-up, etc.)
  • 71-recipe memory pre-sets capability

Key Features

  • HMI with on-board analytics
  • Processing range of up to 600-lbs per day
  • Vibration sensor
  • Unique user permissions & management
  • Ethernet capability for remote diagnosis
  • Compatible with third-party mobile apps
  • Fits through standard 30″ doorways

Start Extracting ASAP

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Financing options, easy setup, minimal servicing and maintenance, batch presets, memory capabilities, single operator-friendly – You’ll be extracting before your competitors.