The Evolved Extraction Solutions Team

Evolved Extraction Solutions was founded in 2016 in British Columbia, Canada by a team of innovators in botanical extraction. Adam Temple, CEO of Evolved Extraction Solutions shares a unique passion for the ethanol extraction processing industry with his brother Liam Temple (COO) and close personal friend Matthew Erickson (CRO) and these three have worked tirelessly to build Evolved Extraction Solutions into what it is today. Originally created as an E-commerce company, the business evolved into a full retail store providing hundreds of products to clients mainly in British Columbia.

The culture at Evolved Extraction Solutions is a huge part of what makes us unique in the botanical extraction industry. Spanned across three locations, the people that make up our team at Evolved are all dedicated, hard-working and genuine.

Adam Temple

Chief Executive Officer

Liam Temple

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Erickson

Chief Revenue Officer

Phil Hoffmann

Retail Sales Manager

Bryson Haywood

Sales Attendant

Daryl Verchère-Glover

Sales Engineer

Jager Myslawchuk

Sales Attendant 

Brandee Yuen

Intermediate Accountant

Connor Chandra

Content Marketing Specialist

Josh MacKinnon

Human Resources

Cory Farquharson

Inventory Coordinator

Don Ackert

Assembly Technician 

Karston Jewell

Warehouse Supervisor





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