Cannabis Extraction Consulting & Engineering Services

Find out how you can reduce cost and increase productivity by outsourcing Project Management, Process Engineering, Research and Development and many other functions to Evolved.

Here’s how Licensed Processors can stay focused on what matters, their customers, while massively improving costs effectiveness in their facilities:

Outsource your company’s Project Management, Process Engineering and Research and Development functions to Evolved. You’ll achieve better results with only one point of contact at a lower cost. 

Results ≠ Overhead — double down on cost improvements

Custom design-built projects, big and small, will improve production rates and lower the labour costs associated with producing your products. We guarantee it.

Outsourcing to one partner saves you and your team dozens of meetings, both internally and with multiple contractors. We set production and labour-saving goals together, and then we handle everything else to get you there. Saving you time and money.

In-house engineering teams are a fixed cost that puts continuous pressure on margins. You need the capabilities, not the overhead. 

Top talent with highly specialized skills in cannabis process engineering is rare and expensive to keep in-house and full-time. Can you measure the ROI by keeping them in-house? By giving you all the analysis to decide what improvements to pursue and which ones not to, you only deploy resources when it pays returns and not when it doesn’t.

One Partner with all the capabilities — saving you time and money

We handle everything from the initial process analysis, objectives setting, and design to commissioning and direct communication for local authorities and trades. With in-house sanitary fabrication and automation capabilities, everything is possible without needing multiple service providers and vendors.

Our in-house capabilities to partner with us include:

  • Health Canada Research Licensed facility
  • Deep cannabis-specific science and engineering expertise
  • Site planning

    floor plans, utilities, hazardous location planning & compliance

  • Build capabilities

    Fabrication, commissioning, existing equipment integrations

  • Design capabilities

    process & instrumentation, models, automation

  • Training

    both at our licensed facility and yours

  • Automation & sequential process integrations
  • Performance reviews, measurements, and improvement reports
  • Pressure vessel accreditation

    custom pressure system fabrication, piping and compliant installation

  • 3rd party compliance reports & communication with local AHJ

Reduce execution and compliance risk — big decisions made easy, mistakes avoided

We guarantee the results of our projects, ensuring risk-free increases in production rates and reduction in labour cost per unit of output. 

We handle detailed fire code, building code and safety compliance documentation, along with direct communications with authorities. For you, this means your CapEx decisions can be made after a solid compliance and ROI package has been built, reducing the risk of costly oversights and poor ROI investments.

“When it comes to building and fire code compliance for a production process, you want to be in a position where you have more expertise on the rules than the local regulatory authority.” 

Adam Temple — CEO

By performing training seminars for production staff online and off-site at our R&D facility, teams are ready for the new improvements to be integrated into production before commissioning begins.

We perform commissioning and performance reviews at your site and hands-on with the production team, ensuring the achievement of measurable targets.

Engineering Project Stages

Stage 1: Project Planning & Scope

Stage 2: Design

Stage 3: Compliance

Stage 4: Build & Commission