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How To Make THCa Diamonds At Every Scale

Get a crash course on the latest methods and processes of how to make THCA diamonds. Our 2-day on-site seminar will teach you the ins and outs of the crystallization process from start to finish. Learn from industry experts as they share valuable insights, tips, and tricks on dominating this booming market. Get real-world applications of our cutting-edge technology and get up close with hands-on equipment demonstrations. With Evolved's CRASH COURSE - HOW TO MAKE THCA DIAMONDS & DOMINATE SEMINAR, you'll be ready to lead your company into the future of cannabis extraction!

THCa diamonds are taking the cannabis industry by storm. Whether you're looking to start your first batch or dominate the market, our Crash Course is a comprehensive 2-day seminar that arms you with the tools you need to take production to the next level.  After learning about the science behind the crystallization of cannabinoids, we will cover multiple production methodologies, why you might use them, and how to systematically scale your operation for market domination.

We have partnered with two of North America's biggest cannabis influencers,Dustin Powers from Future4200/GLG and Murphy Murry, Cannabis Consultant & CTO Sano Gardens. Dustin and Murphy will be on-site and participating in the Crash Courses held in June, July, and August 2023, with more potential dates to be announced. The Crash Couse will be held at our Genome Technology Centre in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. This state-of-the-art Health Canada Licensed facility offers classroom and C1D1 booth portions working with real cannabis biomass.

3 Course Options Available:

  • VIP Package - Involves an exclusive meet & greet dinner with Dustin and Murphy the night before the Crash Course. The 2-day Crash Course Seminar, including hands-on booth time and actual running of the various process and equipment, follow this.
  • Diamond Package - includes the 2-day Crash Course Seminar, hands-on booth time, and actual running of the various processes and equipment. You will receive a Crash Course Hands-on Certificate and a swag bag at the end of the course.
  • Crystalline Package - This 2-day Crash Course Seminar includes all classroom portions and a front-row seat to the extraction/crystallization processes in our C1D1 Booth of various processes and equipment. This package is ideal for executives or professionals not planning to be doing the work in the lab but wants an extensive review of how these processes work and how they can be done safely and scaled up to maximize ROI. You will receive a Crash Course Certificate and swag bag at the end of the course. For an additional  $500, you can add the meet & greet dinner with Dustin & Murphy the night before the class.

Learn from leading extraction professionals with 10+ years of experience at various scales and understand the fundamentals of creating high-quality THCa diamonds. With hands-on experience in our advanced C1D1 lab setting, you will be equipped to create market-ready products that increase your bottom line. Evolved is dedicated to helping you find success through superior extraction solutions. Join us for this stimulating and seductive experience and discover the endless possibilities of THCa diamonds!


Sign up today for our much anticipated 2-day on-site Crash Course seminar today and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Other options include:
  • Save your seat with a $150 USD ($200 CAD) deposit (non-refundable) now
  • Sign up for one of our webinars to get a sneak peek about what will be included in the Crash Course Seminar now

Three Seminars will be hosted, one in June, July, & August 2023 at the Genome Technology Centre in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 

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Available Course Packages

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June 2023, July 2023, August 2023