Ai 2 Litre Short Path Distillation Kit - Across International

  • $3,428.22

***Chiller, Mantle & Pump sold separately***

Ai Clear2 short path distillation kit features

  • Ai Heavy wall glassware for durability
  • Downward material drain port
  • Distillation head with three sets of vigreux
  • Thermo port on distillation head: 14/20 joint
  • Thermo port on boiling flask: 24/20 joint
  • Boiling flask to distillation head: 24/40 joint
  • Recirculating fluid and vacuum connectors: GL-16 adapter and 3/8" hose barb
  • Glass material: high borosilicate glass 3.3
  • One single cow adapter
  • One three cow adapter


  • T1 cold trap prevents vapours being evacuated from entering a vacuum pump where they would condense and contaminate it.
  • Ai 2L digiM Heating & stirring mantle

Warranty: Glassware does not have warranties. Glassware may have minute blemishes that will not affect the function. If you believe there are imperfections on your glassware, please contact us. We check all our inventory and make sure no defective glassware is sent to our customers.



What's included in this package

 Part description


Part image

 Ai 24/40 joint, heavy wall, vacuum jacketed, 2L distillation head with multiple sets of vigreux, cooling channel, and a 14/20 temperature probe port
1 pc  
 Ai 24/40 joint, heavy wall round bottom 2-neck flask with one vertical center neck and one angled side neck
1 pc  
 Ai 24/40 joint, thermometer inlet adapter
1 pc  
 Ai 14/20 joint, thermometer inlet adapter 1 pc
 Ai 14/20 joint, pennyhead glass stopper 1 pc
 Ai 24/40 joint, round-top glass feeding funnel
1 pc
 Ai 250mL distribution adapter with one 24/40 receiving flask connector and one 3/8" vacuum port 1 pc 
 Ai 250mL distribution adapter with three 24/40 receiving flask connectors and one 3/8" vacuum port (can be swapped with a single cow)
1 pc
 Ai 24/40 joint, heavy wall 500mL round bottom receiving flask 2 pcs
 Ai 24/40 joint, heavy wall 250mL round bottom receiving flask 1 pc  
 Ai glass 3/8" hose barb tee adapter 1 pc
 Ai 250°C max non-mercury 14/20 joint glass thermometer 1 pc 

 24/40 joint, stainless steel keck clip 2 pcs  
 24/40 joint, plastic keck clip
3 pcs  
 Cork ring stand (2L x 1, 500mL x 1)
2 pcs  
 4 x 4" stainless steel lab jack (min. height 1.75", max height 6")
1 pc
 Dow Corning high vacuum grease 5.3 oz 1 pc
 Traceable Kangaroo digital thermometer 1 pc


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