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Heating & Stirring Mantle - Ai DigiM 20

  • $2,195.00

Ai DigiM 20L plug and play digital heating and stirring mantle. Comes standard with digital display for accurate control, and large display numbers for easy temperature and rotation speed readings. Two sets of thermocouples allows you to detect heater or material temperatures. Heating jacket is treated before shipment, to prevent release of smoke and odor caused by heat into your working environment.


?ÿElectrical requirements
?ÿ110V 60Hz 1-Phase, 2900 watts, 26.4 A
?ÿAmbient to 300?øC
?ÿStirring ?ÿMaximum speed: 2500 rpm
?ÿMotor power: 40 watts
?ÿMotor type: brushless DC motor
?ÿController ?ÿPID control with digital temperature and rotation speed display
?ÿExternal thermocouple
?ÿType: PT100
?ÿCable length: 43 inches
?ÿStainless steel probe length: 15 inches
?ÿStainless steel probe diameter: 5 mm
?ÿFlask holder ?ÿMaximum flask capaclity: 5 liters
?ÿTop opening diameter: 14.5 inches
?ÿDepth: 7.5 inches
?ÿDimensions (WxDxH) ?ÿUnit: 20.5 x 20.5 x 13 inches, shipping: 24 x 24 x 18 inches
?ÿWeight ?ÿUnit: 40 lbs, shipping: 50 lbs
?ÿSafety ?ÿThermocouple failure protection
?ÿWarranty ?ÿOne year


Standard package

?ÿPart description


Part image

?ÿAi DigiM 5L digital heating & stirring mantle
1 pc
?ÿExternal temperature probe 1 pc
?ÿInternal temperature plug 1 pc ?ÿ
?ÿBoss head
1 pc ?ÿ
?ÿStainless steel support rod (15 inches)
1 pc ?ÿ
?ÿPTFE coated stir bar
1 pc ?ÿ
?ÿ5L flask cork ring stand 1 pc
?ÿUser's manual
1 pc

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