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Vacuum Pump - Ai EasyVac 7 110v cfm w/Oil Mist Filter

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New Ai EasyVac 7 cfm (110V model) single-stage sliding-vane rotary compact vacuum pump with 3/8" hose barb vacuum connector. Comes with a 3-foot food grade silicone hose and a exhaust oil mist filter which also returns trapped pump oil back to the pump and makes the pump quieter to run. It is important to note that pumps should always be run in a well ventilated area.

Free three feet 3/8" white premium food grade silicone vacuum tubing included.


?ÿElectrical requirements
?ÿ110V 60Hz or 220V 50/60Hz, single phase 1/2 HP 370 watts
?ÿPumping rate
?ÿ7 cfm (110V 60Hz), 6 cfm (220V 50/60Hz)
?ÿVacuum level
?ÿ150 micron/millitorr
?ÿVacuum connection ?ÿ3/8" hose barb
?ÿExhaust filter connection
?ÿKF25/NW25 flange
?ÿOil volume
?ÿ415 ml / 0.44 quart
?ÿMotor rate ?ÿ1720 rpm
?ÿWorking temperature ?ÿ-5 to 60?øC
?ÿPump dimensions (LxWxH)
?ÿ13 x 5 x 10"
?ÿShipping dimensions (pump) (LxWxH)
?ÿ18 x 7 x 11.5"
?ÿPump weight
?ÿ22 Lb
?ÿShiping weight
?ÿ23 Lb
?ÿRecommended oil ?ÿUltragrade 19
?ÿCE compliance
?ÿWarranty ?ÿOne year
?ÿDownload ?ÿProduct brochure


Standard package

?ÿPart description


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?ÿAi EasyVac-7 vacuum pump with exhaust oil mist filter
1 set

?ÿ3/8" white premium food grade silicone vacuum hose (3 ft)
1 pc

?ÿUser's manual 1 pc

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