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Rotary Evaporator - e-vap 10L w/ Motorized Lift

  • $7,711.20

The e-vap rotary evaporator provides fast, efficient solvent recovery as the rotating boiling flask deposits a continuous layer of sample on the inner flask wall maximizing surface area.

The continuous addition of the sample through the vacuum feed valve to the loading flask  allows users to efficiently transfer the sample into the boiling flask in order to maximize the distillation rate.


Model REV-10
Rotary flask (L) 10
Rotary flask flange size Φ125mm
Receiving flask (L) 5
Receiving flask flange size Φ50mm
Rotary speed (rpm) 10~130rpm
Lifting Electric
Elevating stroke (mm) 0160mm
Power supply 220V/60Hz
Bath heating power (kW) 4.8
Rotating motor DC motor,power:250W
Ultimate vacuum 399.9Pa
Condensing tube Vertical, mainlyauxiliary cooling condenser
highly efficient circulating cold trap
Speed controling display LCD
Bath controling display /
Evaporating capability (L/h) Water≥3.2L/h
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H mm) 920x550x1700
Weight (kg) 65
Speed-regulation of main machine variable frequency, stepless speed-regulation

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