Flash Chromatography Instrument

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A quantum leap in chromatography.

These automated flash chromatography instruments are perfect for separating constituents or purifying an end product, and they introduce several exciting new features never available before.

Unlike traditional column chromatography glassware, these flash chromatography units are automated and use pressure and force on your sample through the column (which is already packed with packing material).

As the mobile phase works through the column, it will only pull out certain molecules, while leaving others behind (due to how closely the solvents match the molecules’ polarity).

Faster, easier, and way more efficient.

These machines represent a tremendous advantage over column chromatography, in part because they have a digital read out from the built-in UV detector, which allows you to see what peaks are being produced. This readout lets you see what’s eluting or coming out of your column first. This way you can separate what you want more efficiently than ever before.

Sometimes referred to as low-pressure liquid chromatography, flash chromatography auto deposits samples into the machine. If you used traditional glass, on the other hand, you would have to sit there and move test tubes each time one filled up, wasting time.

Accurate & reliable – welcome to the future.

You can purify synthesis reaction mixtures, proteins, peptides, and natural extracts  from milligram to gram quantities.

The Iquat Gradient HPLC pump has a 1% accuracy, making for an efficient mixture of gradients within the unit.

You can also avoid “pre-mixing” the mobile phase with this machine.


  • two models available: 420 & 800
  • accepts varying size collection tubes – You can select the correct volume and size for your runs.
  • accepts flash chromatography columns from F0001 up to F0330, as well as prep LC columns (depending on model chosen)
  • UV Diode Array Detector – for accurate and repeatable results (with respect to compound peaks) while performing a run
  • multiple collection racks
  • full, touch-screen display

Not only that, but during a run, the instrument will generate a chromatogram for use in recognizing retention time and concentration of compounds against known standards.

Flash Chromatography Model 420 Specs:

  • chromatography column capacities range from 4 to 800g.
  • able to pump the mobile phase from 5-300 ml./min. into the column or stationary phase – (at a max of 20 bar)
  • compact – (13.9” x 18.5” x 29.5”) W x L x H
  • UV Diode Array Detector – with 200-400 nm range

Flash Chromatography Model 800 Specs:

  • chromatography column capacities range from 4 to 4,500g.
  • able to pump the mobile phase from 5-300 ml./min. into the column or stationary phase – (at a max of 7 bar)
  • allows for unlimited collection via its four funnel racks – (instead of having to use test tube racks)
  • UV Diode Array Detector – with 400 or 840 nm. range


  • You should do research on which column size, mobile phase and stationary phases to use when doing flash purification. You may also use a gradient solution (which has different ratios of solvents) as the run takes place; This will also aid in separation for certain samples.
  • Interested in learning more about column chromatography check out our guide here!



Column Compatibility Flash 4-800g


Dual reciporacting head pump Yes
Pump Flow Rate 1-300 ml/min
Accuracy ±% 1-300 ml/min
Pressure Limit 20 bar / 290 PSI
Iquat Gradient Yes
Binary Gradient Yes
Gradient Accuracy  ±%  1-300 ml/min
Leak Detection Yes
Air Purge Yes
Mobile Phase tray Yes


UV diode array detection Yes
UV Spectra Scanning Yes
Mass Spec 10-1200 m/z 1H5460
Mass Spec 10-2000 m/z 1G6770
Refractive Index FSQ600
Conductivity PF-CD1


Collection Accuracy ± 1%    1-300 ml/min
Secondary collector JV0950
100mm x 13mm (9mL) tubes 90
150mm x 16mm (22mL) tubes 60
150 mm x 18mm (25mL) tubes 56
150mm x 21mm (35mL) tubes 33
150mm x 25mm (60mL) tubes 20
150mm x 28mm (75mL) tubes 18
200mm x 29mm (110mL) tubes 16
12 Bottles, 250 mL 4
Drain port Yes


Fume Enclosure 1R5881
Fume Enclosure (iELSD) PF4330
Solvent Level Sensors FSP730

User Interface

HD touch screen 15″ Yes
Bar code reader GO2380
Solvent resistant keyboard Yes
Intersoft 5.1 software Yes
Data ports 3 usb, rg45 port
Dimensions 13.9 x 18.5 x 29.5″

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