Evolved Extraction Solutions is proud to be an industry leader in ethanol extraction solutions.

We are also happy to share our knowledge of the industry to help our community grow and prosper together. Below you will find documents that relate to the extraction industry, produced by EES.

C02 vs Ethanol Whitepaper

For biomass oil processors seeking a prime position in the infused product marketplace, sorting through equipment options and methods for performing extractions can overwhelm and confuse the decision-making process.

“Because that’s how everyone’s doing it” is a common response from those who are asked why they’ve chosen to investigate or purchase a particular extraction solution or system. But what’s best for one business or product line is often not best for another. Sheep mentality, media hype and the presumed wisdom of crowds can influence the purchase of extraction technologies more than business planning, dedicated research, or objective comparison of the options available. 

This white paper endeavours to be a resource for businesses seeking to evaluate the relative benefits of the two dominant extraction methods under consideration by many players in the botanical extraction industry — ethanol and CO2 — on the basis of an analysis of capital costs relative to plant material throughput.


EES Industry Jargon

The botanical extraction industry is always changing and evolving. New equipment is constantly in development, processing efficiency is always being tweaked, and new people are consistently joining the industry. Due to these factors, there is a large amount of terms or words that are being used on a regular basis amongst industry professionals.

The goal of the Evolved Extraction Solutions Industry Jargon document is to assist those in the botanical extraction industry on certain terms that are used daily. This list will continue to grow and evolve much like the industry Evolved Extraction Solutions is currently apart of.


Maximizing Efficiencies in Extraction Workflow

One of the fundamental principles of cannabis extraction facility management and workflow design is “Use the right tool for the job”. To gain significant efficiencies, our client Adastra Labs Holdings Ltd. repurposed their Co2 extractor to be used for High Terpene Extract (HTE) production, a process that uses sub-critical Co2 to produce an extract with relatively low cannabinoid and high terpene content. They are now up and running using an EV-MASS Cryo-Ethanol Solution that we customized for their unique requirements, specifically for their distillate production.


EV-MASS Installation Tutorial

 A step-by-step video guide to installing our EV-MASS modular solutions system.