integrated solutions

Integrated Solutions

Evolved Extraction Solutions offers our clients fully integrated botanical extraction & post-processing solutions.

Evolved manufactures and distributes world-class botanical processing equipment while our Engineering team ensures all processing functions are designed to work together to meet our clients unique requirements.

The key advantage to working with Evolved is that we are a single solution provider that engineers our clients end-to-end solutions. This reduces risk and increases efficiency for you, the client. This is applied throughout the entire client journey including during: procurement, operation optimization, and scaling operations as all processing modules are designed to work together based on our clients unique requirements. This is backed by our industry leading “Evolved Performance Promise”.

All process modules are designed to perform their specific function while our integrated solutions are engineered to ensure these modules work together to provide an optimized process flow ultimately resulting in increased profitability. The modular design makes it easy to scale up capacity as market demand increases and simplifies installation into existing buildings without the need to tear down walls or open the ceilings of our clients facility.

For more details and specifications on these solution modules, please reach out to us and we can provide you with detailed datasheets and explain the modules in more detail.
EV-MASS Solutions

Custom Engineering Packages

All EV-MASS Solutions are available with optional Engineering Packages upon request, to meet your specific process, design and automation requirements.

individual process modules


Permacool Electro Ethanol Chiller

Permacool Electro Ethanol Chiller

30 Gallons of ethanol from ambient 72°F to -40°F in 15 minutes.

The chiller comes with predefined mechanical set points and is UL listed. The compressors outside bring the refrigerant into your lab, creating direct refrigerant chilling. The ethanol never leaves the room and the heat exhausts outside keeping the footprint small. 24/7 monitoring with PLC controlled automation to keep your system optimized for maximum efficiency.

Process Side Exchange Dimensions: 24″W x 48″L x 26″H

Compressor Dimensions: 48″W x 34.5″L x 35.5″H (x2)

Chilling Vessel Dimensions: 22″W x 22″L x 48″H

EV-20H-2LC-VA2 Chiller

EV-20H-2LC-VA2 Chiller

Engineered high-efficiency heat exchanger for maximum energy savings.

Includes two complete refrigeration circuits built with powder coated steel and aluminum. ETL listed complete control panel with a single point electrical connection, breakers, starters and safety switches. Operating temperatures as low as -50°F at 45,800 BTU/hr. Included 2 year parts and 1 year labour warranty.

Dimensions: 45″W x 140″L x 102″H


EVC-600-ULT Cryo Chiller

EVC-600-ULT Cryo Chiller

50HP portable four stage dual circuit air-cooled water chiller.

Provides up to 40,220 BTU/hr operating at -50°F. Cooling to match the cooling requirements equivalent to 80 gallons of ethanol being chilled in 30-45 minutes. Includes two Bitzer Multi-Stage semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors to provide initial pull-down temperatures as well as maintain desired temperature for a period of time. Touch screen HMI controls with self diagnostics and LAN connectivity. 1-year parts warranty.

575 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz

Solvent Management

Solvent Management

Solvent Management Skid

EVM-SMS-S150 with included heat exchanger and diaphragm pump.

The EV-MASS Single Solvent Management Solution supplies temperature-controlled solvent to the extraction process in precise volumes, on-demand. It is rated for -40 to +170 degrees Celsius with a 150L storage capacity. This solution is available in single or dual tanks.


centrifugal separation

Centrifugal Separation

The EV-MASS-CS-30 is a modular, scalable, ethanol-based extraction solution.

The EV-MASS-CS-30 provides ease of use, configurability, and expansion options. Designed and manufactured in Canada, the EV-MASS Centrifugal Separator was developed by Evolved Engineers in response to the needs of commercial-scale processors for an economical, scalable extraction platform. From a single unit processing up to 600lbs of biomass daily to an integrated system of multiple process modules operating in parallel, this solution is ideal for scaling up production throughput. This module was designed for quick and easy setup and used by a single operator.



Single Filtration

The FS-1 & FS-1-HE is made for high-flow filtration for the removal of waxes and lipids.

Dramatically increase the quality of extracted oil while minimizing expensive and wasteful post-processing using single-stage filtration. This module uses a single stage of filtration to purify extracted oil and remove particulates. It is equipped with an ARO Operated Diaphragm Pump with a maximum operating flow rate of 20 GPM. It also has the optional configuration of being fitted with a heat exchanger to ensure ethanol returned to the centrifuge is the correct temperature.

Filtration & Remediation

Filtration & Remediation

High-flow filtration & remediation for removal of waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll from miscella.

Dramatically increase the quality of extracted oil while minimizing expensive and wasteful post-processing using 3-stage filtration and the latest in concentrate remediation technology. This solution module uses multiple stages of filtration to purify extracted oil, improving clarity, colour, and flavour profile. An optional 10 or 5-micron high-flow sediment filter removes the bulk of suspended lipids, waxes and biomass from the solvent-oil mixture before parallel absorbent columns remove chlorophyll and other pigments. In the final stage, a 1-micron filtration bag collects microscopic sediment from the filter media and ensures even the smallest wax and lipid particles are collected.

Solvent Recovery

Automated Solvent Recovery

Automated Solvent Recovery

The SC-400 is apart of the Maratek Oil and Ethanol Recovery Systems (OERS) line.

These solutions were specifically designed and manufactured in Canada to utilize vacuum-assist distillation for separating botanical extracts from solvents like ethanol, isopropyl, pentane, and hexane. All of these systems are C1D1 certified explosion-proof, GMP compliant, and UL-listed.This is just one of many different options of solvent recovery, the 400 denotes the amount of solvent the module can process in a day (400 gallons). There are 3 other options that Evolved offers, SC-125, C-200 and C-500.

Falling Film Solvent Recovery

Falling Film Solvent Recovery

Yellowstone Falling Film Evaporator provides customers with one of the fastest, most energy efficient solvent recovery systems.

Through the use of patent-pending Diffusion Condenser technology, this system has eliminated the need for the unnecessarily expensive chiller systems by condensing using airflow. It’s designed to be easily cleaned in-place using an integrated cleaning cycle function. With its small design and alcohol recovery rate of 80 GPH, it is a efficient solvent recovery option for extraction systems.


Lab Society IPS Single Stage Continuous Distillation

IPS Distillation

IPS Single Stage Continuous Distillation.

USA-made Stainless Steel Stage continuous distillation module operational for 5-60 litres per hour. The most optimal method for distilling and purifying thermally sensitive compounds due to the short residence time of product being exposed to heat. This coupled with an internal condenser for a short path for vapour to travel provides exceptional efficiency and speed. Panel mounted VFD’s and robust utilities with digital control give users precise control over all system parameters. Evolved can offer 3 different variations, single, dual and triple stage distillation.

Lab Society HVE Single Stage Distillation TFD

HVE Distillation

HVE Single Stage TFD.

This system was brought to the industry to address growing production demands while keeping in mind budgetary constraints. Utilizing stainless steel thin film distillation technology, HVE has designed a 0.3 m2 short path distillation evaporator that outperforms any other unit in its price class. It features 6 kg/hour input feed capability for volatile stripping and 2-4 kg/hour input feed capability for cutting and polishing main body. There are 3 packages available through Evolved, Booster & Continuous Feed, Continuous Feed and Standard configuration.

Adastra Labs - Evolved Extaction Client Testimonial

Testimonial - Adastra Labs

“The EV-MASS cryo-ethanol extraction system has performed flawlessly as we put it through the paces at our facility in Langley, BC. With excellent cannabinoid recovery, the EV-MASS has tripled our capacity for production of cannabis oil.” – Andy Hale, CEO Adastra Labs [Read More]





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