Modular Extraction Process Solutions

EV-MASS is a series of independent, process modules that are designed to integrate together to perform a highly customizable and scalable ethanol extraction process.

We designed the EV-MASS Series to meet the growing and evolving requirements of commercial and enterprise botanical extraction businesses. Say goodbye to production bottlenecks – the EV-MASS Series easily handles throughput increases by adding additional process modules, ensuring your production is always one step ahead of market demand. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll advise you on creating a plan to get your extraction process online, generating cash flow and scaling up into the future.


Cryo Chilling

Designed for seemingless integration into the Cryo-Version Solution.

It features two complete refrigeration circuits with a heavily insulated stainless steel coolant resevoir. All the piping is copper insulated. It operates at over 45,000 BTU/hr at -50 degrees Celsius. It also features two 10HP semi-hermetic two-stage reciprocating compressors with subcoolers. The heat exchanger is engineered with high efficiency for maximum energy savings. ETL (UL508) listed complete control panel with single point electrical connection, breakers, starters and safety switches. The microprocessor communicates directly with the control panel. Made up of power coated steel and aluminum and a stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger.

Solvent Management

Efficient temperature control and monitoring for solvent-based extraction systems.

A unique design to supply temperature-controlled solvent to the extraction process in controlled volumes. Integrating double jacketed, 150-litre (40 gallon) tanks on a single module, the dual tank design allows chilled solvent to remain continuously on-hand. Cycling between two tanks gives the chiller a more even heat load to cool, reducing electrical costs and maximizing process and chiller efficiency.

Solvent Management


It features a diaphragm pump, heat exchanger and double jacketed tank. The pump is an FDA sanitary diaphragm pump with a temperature rating of -40 degrees C to 107 degrees C. It also features a maximum flowrate of 54 GPM and an outlet pressure of 120 PSIG. The heat exchanger is a compact design with the plate material Alloy 316. It has a cold side flowrate of up to 30 GPM and a heating surface of 23 square feet. The double jacketed tank has an operating volume of 150L and a total volume of 213L. It includes a cooling jacket and vacuum chamber, along with the vesseal designed to a maximum of -50 degrees C. 



For efficient, ethanol extraction that can scale with your business.

The EV-MASS Centrifugual Separator provides ease of use, configurability and expansion options. Designed and manufactured in Canada, the EV-MASS Centrifugal Separator was developed by Evolved engineers in response to the needs of commercial-scale processors for an economical, scalable extraction platform. From a single unit processing up to 60-lbs/hour, to an integrated system of multiple process modules operating in parallel, this solution is ideal for scaling up production throughput. EV-MASS Centrifugal Separator is designed for quick and easy set-up and use by a single operator.



High-flow filtration and remediation for removing waxes, lipids and chlorophyll. EVM-FS-1-HE & EVM-FS-1.

Dramatically increase the quality of extracted oil while minimizing expensive and wasteful post-processing, using 3-stage filtration and concentrate remediation technology. EV-MASS Filtration uses multiple stages of filtration to purify extracted oil, improving clarity, colour and flavour profile. An optional 10 or 5-micron high-flow sediment filter removes the bulk of suspended lipids and waxes from the solvent-oil mixture, before parallel adsorbent columns remove chlorophyll and other pigments. Adsorbent column can be filled with various filter media to meet specific SOPs. Lastly, a 1-micron filtration bag collects microscopic sediment from the filter media to ensure the smallest wax and lipid particles are collected.

Automated Solvent Recovery

Highly-configurable solvent recovery options

EV-MASS Solvent Recovery solutions provide commerical processors a range of size and throughput options – for batch, semi-continuous and continuous operation. These solutions were specifically designed and manufactured in Canada to utilize vacuum-assist distillation for separating botanical extracts from solvents such as ethanol, isopropyl, pentane and hexane. A programmable logic controller (PLC) supports operator-free process automation, further reducing cost as you recover 100% pure solvent for continuous re-use. All Automated Solvent Recovery Systems are C1D1 certified explosion-proof, GMP compliant and UL-listed.

Falling Film Solvent Recovery

Fully-automated falling film evaporator solvent recovery systems.

The AV series of falling film evaporators were designed and manufactured in the USA by extraction experts to integrate with closed-loop sytems of any scale, providing fast, efficient solvent recovery. Saturated solvent moves through a heated exchange path, where the solvent evaporates, leaving behind the desired crude oil. Requiring only a single operator and with fast recovery times, the AV series of evaporators eliminates a major extraction industry bottleneck. This solution is available in four models – the AV-300, AV-100, AV-30 and AV-15, automated and partially automated.

Distillation: Single Stage

Entry level commercial scale thin-film distillation.

This short path stainless steel distillation evaporator outperforms any other unit in its price class. It features a virgin polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) wiper basket inside of a six-inch 316 Stainless Steel evaporator body, for a hydrophobic, non-wetting, high density and high temperature resistant process. Heat is provided by electronic heat bands, precisely controlled by a single, commonly mounted PID for full temperature control, without the use of dangerous and expensive heating oils. Precision monitoring and analytics are provided by a rear-mounted, bluetooth-capable vacuum gauge.

Thin Film Distillation: Dual Stage

Dual stage compound separation for producing distillate.

Process crude oil on an industrial scale with the stainless steel Dual Stage Thin Film Evaporator. Designed to separate high boiling-point compounds at low temperatures – also available in single stage configuration.Designed to maximize both throughput volume and process efficiency for fractionate production, this system includes a precision flow meter, a fully-jacketed feed tank and discharge piping. With a variable frequency drive (VFD) gear pump, it provides precise material feeds, allowing for flow rates up to 20 litres per hour. Four additional VFD-controlled gear pumps and an inline thin film surface result in continuous, precise distillate and residue fractions production.

Custom Engineering Packages

All EV-MASS Solutions are available with optional Engineering Packages upon request, to meet your specific process, design and automation requirements.



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