Solvent Recovery & Decarboxylation

There are many factors when considering solvent recovery - Our experts will help determine which option is best fit for your process.

SRD-30: Solvent Recovery & Decarboxylation System

Future proof your solvent recovery process


The SRD-30 has the evaporation power of a Falling Film Evaporator and the capabilities of a powerful reactor, all in one compact package. Filling is fast and easy using its pneumatic pump and controls, which reduce the chance of spills and hazardous vapours.

Faster, more capable, more durable. A tough machine, not a tough choice.

Additional vessels can be added to expand capacity from 30 gal p/hour with in-line decarboxylation. One compact machine, serving as your launching pad for unlimited flexibility and business performance.

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Automated Solvent Recovery System

SC400 - Consolidate steps. Automate the process. Reduce cost.

The objective of the ASRS SC400 design was to better synchronize and streamline the solvent recovery and decarboxylation process without compromising quality. The result? We’ve consolidated two important steps into one workflow to optimize your efficiency, reduce your costs and increase your output.

Remove up to 99%+ ethanol & decarboxylate in one automated process.

Solvent recovery can be one of the biggest bottlenecks in a processing facility. The ASRS addresses this pain point and improves your facility’s processing efficiency. It uses overflow sensors to perform continuous separation of solvents like ethanol, isopropyl, pentane, and hexane with the ability to also de-water for solvent reuse.

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