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Botanical Ethanol Extraction Solutions

We start with your end goal in mind to provide you with a tailored ethanol extraction process.

We can provide pre-engineered solutions or design a custom-engineered process to meet the unique needs of your business.

Introducing the EV-MASS Series of process modules, which are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada. Contact our knowledgeable sales team today to learn more.

One Stop-Shop for Botanical Extraction Equipment & Lab Supplies

At Evolved, we engineer and manufacture peer-reviewed, sanitary processing equipment. We also stock and distribute hundreds of products from the industry’s top vendors.

Who we’ve partnered with:

Adastra Labs

EV-MASS Cryo-Winterization Solution w/ Yellowstone FFE

RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB - Increase capacity from existing CO2 processes.

“The EV-MASS cryo-ethanol extraction system has performed flawlessly as we put it through the paces at our facility in Langley, BC. With excellent cannabinoid recovery, the EV-MASS has tripled our capacity for production of cannabis oil.” – Andy Hale, CEO Adastra Labs

  • Based in Langley, BC   
  • Cannabis THC extraction
  • Cannabis focused toll-processor with licensing deals with established consumer brands
  • 300-500 lbs / day throughput with plans to scale

High Life Farms

EV-MASS Cryo-Perma Solution

INVESTED IN YOUR SUCCESS - Adding processing capacity to an existing cultivation operation.

“Our EV-MASS Centrifuge has been a key part of our lab since we introduced it nine months ago. It give us the ability to have a highly efficient extraction in under 20 minutes. Our production of edibles and concentrates has grown exponentially and having the EV-MASS has allowed us to keep up with that demand. The FS1 and FRS filter skids have been vital in our filtration of our miscella inline. The FS1 does a great job of getting most of our miscella filtered while the FRS-22P eliminates the rest using a 5 micron and 1 micron, respectively. The FRS-22P has also been helpful to remediate some of the pigment and chlorophyll in our miscella. The reliability of the EV-MASS Centrifuge, FS1 and FRS have been exceptional. Over the last nine months we have not had any down time or stoppages because of equipment maintenance or failures. The few hiccups we have had have been resolved in under a half hour with the exceptional customer service that Evolved provides.”- Connor Schilling, Extraction Manager

  • Based in Chesaning, MI   
  • Cannabis THC extraction
  • Fully-integrated cannabis cultivator expanding into extraction and branded consumer products
  • 100 lbs / day throughput with plans to scale

Thrive Cannabis

Enrolled in Evolved’s Supply Agreement Program

KEEPING YOU OPERATIONAL - Preferred pricing on consumables & high purity solvents to fuel business growth.

"Our partnership with Evolved has played a huge role in the growing success of our company. Their solvent blends have been crucial in allowing us to make premium, high-end cannabis concentrates. Evolved consistently meets order deadlines and has kept up with the fast-paced nature of our growing company. We're very excited to see them open up a plant much closer to home and we look forward to working with them for a very long time." - Luke Allen, Thrive Cannabis

  • Based in Hamilton, ON   
  • Vertically integrated
  • Ontario's first cannabis "Farm Gate" store
  • Cultivator/processor of premium craft cannabis/concentrates

Polar Bear Biopharma

EV-MASS Cryo-Winterization Solution w/ Maratek C-50

LEVERAGING OUR CANNABIS EXPERTISE - Pharmaceutical company new to the cannabis space.

"EES team is the team you can trust!" - Lei Ling PhD, VP - Product Development

  • Based in Leduc, AB   
  • hemp CBD extraction
  • Established Pharmaceutical company entering the cannabis space as a standard processor to add to their product lines
  • 300-800 lbs / day throughput with plans to scale




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