Would you like to get more info about The Ethanol Extraction Filter?

Discover how the FRS-22P filtration skid revolutionizes commercial cannabis extraction with its high flow rates and exceptional performance. This skid offers a semi-continuous filtration system, surpassing traditional options such as Buchner filters or Hochstrom filters. Whether you are a seasoned extractor or new to the industry, this video will provide valuable insights on how the FRS-22P can enhance your extraction process. 

High Flow Rates: The FRS-22P skid provides unparalleled flow rates, making it an excellent choice for both ethanol and heptane extraction processes. Experience improved productivity and efficiency with its superior filtration capabilities.

Versatility and Compatibility: The FRS-22P skid can be seamlessly integrated with any ethanol or heptane extraction equipment available on the market. This includes Evolved’s renowned EV-MASS extraction platform, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient extraction setup.