Our EV-MASS Ethanol Extraction Platform at High Life Farms in Michigan was recently featured on Canna Cribs.

High Life Farms is a large-scale boutique cannabis cultivator with outdoor and greenhouse space totalling 250,000 square feet. They’re also well known for their extracts and edibles, especially for the Wana gummies brand.

“…So what’s doing most of the work here?”- Nate, Host, Canna Cribs


“Our Evolved centrifuge has been a big machine for us here because it starts off all of our processing. We have a huge demand for edibles and cartridges and this thing provides reliability with a high throughput. We can make our room temperature ethanol down to -40°C and process 30 pounds in 30 minutes and that helps us keep up with our high edibles demand and keep our production going, so it’s a big machine for us.” – Connor Schilling, Extraction Manager, High Life Farms

Check out a clip featuring our EV-MASS and the full episode below: