We are proud to announce that Evolved’s CEO, Adam Temple will be Speaking at the Lift&Co Expo in Toronto on May 12th, 2022. Adam will provide insights on how individuals can drive long-term growth within their organizations and capitalize on emerging extraction technologies and techniques, with a focus on competitive strategies for business in the cannabis industry. Evolved has extensive experience supporting cannabis businesses in developing efficiency and optimization to facilitate a competitive edge in their extraction operations. Adam and his co-panellists will guide extraction artisans and industry professionals in identifying their niche and ways of achieving their long-term goals and objectives.
Adam Temple speaking at Lift Expo Toronto

Lift&Co Panel Topic

Competitive Strategy: Analyzing the Cannabis Industry and Competitors for Long-Term Growth

Through its strategic success in partnering with numerous businesses, using cutting-edge extraction technologies and techniques and helping companies optimize logistical efficiency, Evolved Extraction Solutions Ltd. has repeatedly empowered its customers to achieve a competitive edge in a complex and ever-changing cannabis market. During this session, Adam and other business experts will share their insights and views on the current and future state of the Cannabis industry and how you can achieve optimal product variety and reduced costs. By answering some of the questions most pressing to extraction technicians and entrepreneurs, Adam Temple and his fellow panellists will guide you in identifying the problems you are strategically positioned to solve. Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to identify your niche and find your competitive position within the cannabis industry
  • How to mitigate downward price pressure with advanced hydrocarbon extraction and isolation techniques
  • How collaboration & partnerships are essential when implementing new extraction technologies and in reducing complexity from supply chain logistics
  • How to survive in a highly a competitive market and stay lean by focusing on highly efficient and future proof extraction techniques & technologies

Alongside Adam Temple will be Bethany Gomez, CEO, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Brightfield Group. Brightfield Group is a leader in CBD and cannabis market data. Gomez is a key driver of their business development, with an extensive background in quantitative research, global policy, and strategic planning. They will also be joined by Nick Kuzyk, Principal & Owner of Meadowbank Strategic Partners Inc. Kuzyk’s Meadowbank is a corporate consultancy that helps senior executives and company boards tackle the important and valuable work not getting done due to a lack of time, energy and/or human capital.

If you’re heading to the Lift&Co Expo on Thursday, May 12th we encourage you to attend this panel discussion. You can also find us at Booth #1421 throughout the show.

For tickets and full event details, visit liftexpo.ca. Use code ‘FANDF10’ for a $10 discount off the ticket price.

To schedule an in-person meeting at Lift Toronto, either at our booth or nearby for a coffee or beer, click here.

If you are unable to attend and would like more information, make sure to connect with Adam on LinkedIn, or reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to our newsletter.

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