Evolved Extraction is only as strong as its team. Having a core value of Fun & Uplifting means creating opportunities to grow and connect. To us, this means creating a Fun & Uplifting work environment that doesn’t just occur in the office but happens by facilitating events that let us get to know each other. By seeing each other as people we learn to respect each other as individuals.

Recently, Evolved and its members joined together to celebrate our success as a team in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. The last two years have been a difficult time for everyone, especially when it comes to building a sense of community and team-building opportunities. This event allowed us all to let our hair down outside the workplace and truly connect with each other.

The evening began with team-building activities, including wild and crazy “minute to win it” challenges and opportunities to connect with co-workers and their significant others. This allowed us to let our hair down, encourage each other, and get a little more comfortable before the rest of the festivities began.

Evolved Extraction Harrison Hot Springs Team Retreat

We then made our way down to the docks to have an amazing dining experience on Harrison Lake. With plenty of libations and good conversations we came together and enjoyed the unique beauty that British Columbia has to offer.

After returning back to our cabins we took part in a team trivia challenge. Our competitiveness and teamwork were on full display, with the winners lifting our Evolved trophy high above their heads with pride. Though the party went on late into the night, with a good sleep we returned home more connected and with a greater appreciation of each other.

We can’t wait to see what adventures come next!