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A hidden gem centrally located in the lower mainland right off highway 1, Glen Valley Cannabis is a 14000 sq/ft Health Canada licensed facility that practices standard cultivation, standard processing and all sales amendments. Glen Valley Cannabis is a lean company with big ambitions. Their facility was originally designed to have a maximum of 16 grow rooms and 2 processing lab spaces but has the capability to modularly grow with the market.

Glen Valley Cannabis lab space available

Currently, Glen Valley Cannabis has an amazing Lab available in their facility. This 800sqft of Health Canada-approved awesomeness is fully equipped and ready for use.

Glen Valley Cannabis believes that everyone has a story to tell. If you’re a start-up with passion and have the drive to make it happen, be sure to reach out to them! They provide the perfect opportunity to achieve your goals in great lab spaces and facilitate an amazing team environment.

If you are interested in working with this incredible company or would like more information, check out their website. You can connect with Glenn Valley Cannabis on Linkedin, Instagram, or reach out directly to Arfeen Alam at 778-779-1473.