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Evolved works with some amazing organizations on the cutting edge of Cannabis Extraction techniques, technology, and scale. Through a wide variety of extraction and refinement machines, which includes Hydrocarbon and Ethanol Extraction Equipment, we support organizations throughout Canada developing high-quality products like premium diamonds, terp sauces, distillates, edibles, and topicals. Our extraction hardware, including butane and ethanol extraction machines and wiped film evaporators, allow extraction labs to innovate and create with ease. Our large stock of solvents, colour remediation filtration, media, and innumerable other extraction supplies, assure that businesses are streamlined and supported. This wide variety of extraction supplies support Licensed Processors who manufacture and distribute the most popular cannabis extracts, both within Canada and around the world.

Many of the organizations within Evolved’s ever-growing network of support are looking for experienced individuals to drive and develop extraction processes at their facilities. Operators will be working in GPP, GMP, C1D1, and C1D2 extraction environments. In these roles, they will employ advanced cannabis concentrate production techniques to increase extraction efficiency and scale up ethanol extraction, distillation and production of high-terpene extracts. As a member of the cannabis community, we aim to develop a network of support that connects the best extraction artisans with top industry processors.

About Ayurcann

Ayurcann is a leading Cannabis Extraction company in Canada with a focus on providing and creating custom processes and pharma-grade products. They are dedicated to bringing consumers quality, reliable, and affordable products to meet the demands of the cannabis industry. From their delectable distillates, including their Cherry Blossom OG Vape Cartridges, to their heavenly Shea butter Glow Day Cream made with high-quality Cannabis sativa extracts, Ayucrann offers a variety of high-quality, cannabis products at an affordable price.

Ayucrann allows LPs to focus on their genetics, cultivation and harvesting operations, while taking care of Extraction & Refinement, Formulation & Packaging, Fulfillment, and Distribution. Ayurcann currently manufactures for the brands of Fuego, Hustle & Shake, Joints, Bravo 6, Xplor, Glow, and Vida.

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Job Posting: Production Associate – Pickering, Ontario

Currently, Ayurcann is looking for a Production Associate, at their Pickering location. In this position, you will have a unique opportunity to directly impact a burgeoning industry. By utilizing your technical experience in producing and manufacturing cannabis extraction products, as well as displaying your knowledge of extraction equipment used in the industry, you will help build a work environment that provides management with the tools to grow in their respective fields, support a lean operation, and exceed overarching operational objectives. If you have previous production experience, love a fast-paced environment, and are willing to learn, this is the position for you.

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