Hydrocarbon Extraction System

Introducing the Genome Hydrocarbon Extraction System

Our platform is comprised of fully integrated closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction systems with capacities ranging from 50 lbs per shift to 400 lbs per shift. These closed loop extractors are termed “Sequences”. The Genome Sequences represent a new benchmark in cannabis extraction and refinement capabilities.
To further elevate the platform’s design, it is comprised of Modular Components. These are expertly engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing closed-loop extractors, offering a substantial increase in throughput. But it’s not just about speed – they enable in-line THCa crystallization, a game-changer for the industry.  equipment
Hydrocarbon Extraction Platform, hydrocarbon extraction equipment, system

Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

The Controlled Crystallization Reactor

Achieve the extraordinary: generate up to 20 kg of THCa isolate in under 8 hours. With Genome, you’re not only keeping pace with the industry, but you’re also defining its future.

Unlock the Future of Cannabis Extraction with the Genome Hydrocarbon Extraction System:

  • Supercharge Your Operations with Modular Upgrades: Amplify the capabilities of your current extractor, with a staggering 30% to 100% increase in throughput by adding Genome Bottleneck-Busting Modules to your existing extraction system, at only a fraction of the cost of replacing it or adding a second system.
  • From Biomass input, to Crystalline THCa Output, Seamlessly: The Genome Controlled Crystallization Module can effortlessly refine crude oil from your existing closed-loop system into pure THCa and HTE sauce, integrating perfectly in line with your existing hydrocarbon extractor or your new Genome Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment.
  • All-in-One Extraction System: Setting up a new extraction process from scratch? Execute biomass extraction through to THCa isolate using a singular, cutting-edge system, obviating the necessity for subsequent refinement processes. Genome Modules can be combined to build an end-to-end, closed-loop extraction and refinement process.

For the forward-thinking Director of Extraction, the Genome System isn’t merely an upgrade; it’s the future. Propel your facility to the pinnacle of cannabis extraction technology, ensuring unparalleled growth and leadership in a rapidly progressing market.

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The Controlled Crystallization Reactor

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