Solvent Management

Supply on-demand temperature-controlled solvent to the extraction process with precision.

  • • Rated for +170°F to-40°F
  • • 40 gal storage capacity
  • • Single or dual tanks


Our CS-30 centrifuge module is designed to be your facility’s workhorse.


  • • Compact & easy to configure
  • • One-person operation
  • • Up to 90 lb hourly capacity
  • • Batch processing pre-sets
  • • GMP compliant


Primary filtration step (10 microns) and optional re-chilling of micella to perform multi-washes to increase efficiency without compromising performance.


  • • Re-chilling capabilities to perform multiple washes at consistent -40C temperatures
  • • Easy to clean design
  • • GMP complaint

Staging Tanks

Provides additional volume to allow for a continuous input of 30lbs biomass every 20-30 mins to the centrifuge.


  • • Additional volume capacity to perform the final filtration and remediation step
  • • GMP compliant

Filtration & Remediation

High-flow filtration and colour remediation for removal of waxes, lipids, chlorophyll and pigments.


  • • Dual remediation columns
  • • Three-stage filtration
  • • GMP compliant


Evolved offers a variety of solvent recovery, distillation and other post-processing equipment


  • • Expertly paired with you upstream process
  • • All from one trusted source
  • • Optimized end-to-end process design

Industrial Chilling

High-efficiency chilling for maximum energy savings and optimal cooling capacity.


  • • Touch screen control panels
  • • Monitoring & automation
  • • Various configurations
  • • On-demand chilling, capable of chilling 30 gallons of ethanol in under 30 minutes.

The EV-MASS Professional allows for the extraction of 600+lbs of biomass per shift with no more than 2 operators. It is GMP compliant, cCSAus certified for C1D2 Group D hazardous locations and has an industry-leading 24-month warranty.

Learn why the EV-MASS Ethanol Extraction Platform is the longest-lasting solution in the market with guaranteed performance results.