Across International's dual 10L rotary evaporator with receiving flask kit allows you to switch between two receiving flasks, without interrupting your 20L rotary evaporator's operation.

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Rotary evaporators (sometimes referred to as Rotavap or Rotovap) are used primarily to evaporate the solvent from samples under reduced pressure. Reduced pressure, or vacuum, is achieved by using a lab-grade chemical-resistant vacuum pump. Reduced pressure in the apparatus causes the solvent in the 'boiling flask' to boil at a lower temperature than at atmospheric pressure. This method of solvent evaporation is ideal for the Cannabis industry due to Cannabinoids and Terpenes tendency to degrade when exposed to high temperatures. Furthermore, Rotary Evaporators require a chiller that is plumbed into the 'chilling coils' where the solvent vapour is phase-changed to a liquid and recollected in the 'receiving flask'. If done correctly, the solvent recovered will be pure and can be reused in the same or different application. It can be challenging to choose the right setup for your lab due to the wide variety of sizes, manufacturers, and prices of rotary evaporators. This is where Evolved Extraction Solutions can assist.