BRAIDED HOSE – JIC – 1/2in. FJIC – 36in.


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Introduce superior fluid handling to your cannabis extraction setup with the Braided Hose, featuring JIC (Joint Industrial Council) fittings, 1/2-inch Female JIC on both ends, and a length of 36 inches, expertly crafted by Evolved Extraction Solutions. This high-quality hose is designed to facilitate the secure and efficient transfer of liquids and gases, essential for maintaining the integrity and quality of your extraction processes.

Constructed from stainless steel with a braided exterior, this hose offers exceptional durability, flexibility, and resistance to high pressures and temperatures. It's built to withstand the harsh chemicals and solvents commonly used in cannabis extraction, ensuring that it performs reliably under rigorous conditions without compromising the purity of your extracts.

The 1/2-inch Female JIC connections provide a robust, leak-proof seal, making this hose ideal for high-pressure applications and preventing any potential fluid losses during operation. The 36-inch length offers ample reach, allowing for flexible setup configurations and easy integration into your existing extraction system, whether it’s for connecting equipment or routing fluids safely around the workspace.

The Braided Hose is essential for cannabis extraction facilities that demand precision, reliability, and safety. Its design ensures that it can handle the dynamic demands of solvent transfer and fluid management with ease, contributing to a smoother, more efficient extraction process.

Ideal for a wide range of applications within the cannabis extraction industry, from small-scale artisanal extracts to large-scale commercial productions, the Braided Hose - JIC - 1/2in. FJIC - 36in. from Evolved Extraction Solutions enhances your operational capabilities by ensuring secure, consistent, and efficient fluid dynamics.

Upgrade your cannabis extraction operations with this premium Braided Hose and experience enhanced performance and reliability. It's not just an addition to your setup; it's a fundamental component that will propel your extraction process towards higher efficiency and safety, ensuring that you maintain the highest standards of quality and precision in every batch.