BRAIDED HOSE – JIC – 1/2in. FJIC – 48in.


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Elevate your cannabis extraction operations with the superior quality and performance of the Braided Hose, featuring 1/2-inch Female JIC connections on both ends and an extended length of 48 inches, designed by Evolved Extraction Solutions. This durable hose is engineered to facilitate the secure and efficient transfer of liquids and gases essential for the precision and safety of your extraction process.

Constructed with a stainless steel braided exterior, this hose is exceptionally durable, providing flexibility while maintaining resistance to high pressures and extreme temperatures. It is specifically built to withstand the corrosive nature of the solvents used in cannabis extraction, ensuring reliable performance under the most demanding conditions without contaminating your extracts.

The 1/2-inch Female JIC fittings on both ends ensure a robust, leak-proof connection, making this hose perfect for high-pressure applications. The connections are designed to prevent any potential fluid losses during operations, enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of your system. The 48-inch length offers additional reach and flexibility, allowing for easier setup and integration into larger systems, as well as more complex routing solutions in your facility.

This Braided Hose is an indispensable tool for any cannabis extraction facility that requires reliable fluid dynamics. Its design accommodates a variety of setup configurations, from connecting key extraction equipment to managing fluid transport around the workspace, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and without interruption.

Ideal for both small artisanal producers and large-scale commercial extractors, the Braided Hose - JIC - 1/2in. FJIC - 48in. from Evolved Extraction Solutions enhances your capacity to maintain continuous and secure operations. Its reliability and superior construction make it an essential component of your extraction infrastructure, contributing to higher operational efficiency and safety standards.

Incorporate this premium Braided Hose into your cannabis extraction setup to benefit from its extended length and robust performance. It will not only improve the fluid handling capabilities of your operation but also ensure that you achieve consistent, high-quality results with every batch.