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Refine your cannabis extraction processes with ChemTek's Bentonite Clay - W1, now available in a convenient 2kg package from Evolved Extraction Solutions. This high-grade bentonite clay is specially designed to enhance the filtration and clarification of cannabis extracts, helping you achieve superior purity and quality in your final products.

Bentonite Clay - W1 is celebrated for its powerful adsorptive properties, effectively removing a wide array of impurities such as proteins, heavy metals, and other contaminants. These capabilities make it particularly valuable for producers focused on improving the clarity and sensory profile of their cannabis extracts, thereby enhancing their appeal and marketability.

The 2kg package is ideal for smaller-scale operations or research and development projects, allowing for precision and control in trial and experimentation without the commitment to larger quantities. This size provides the flexibility needed for testing and optimizing purification protocols in batch processes or during experimental setups.

Easily integrated into various extraction setups, Bentonite Clay - W1 works well in both batch and continuous processing systems. It is particularly effective during winterization or post-extraction purification stages, where it helps to stabilize and refine the oil, ensuring it is free from unwanted particulates and residues.

ChemTek’s Bentonite Clay - W1 - 2kg from Evolved Extraction Solutions is not just a filtration aid; it's an essential tool in your extraction and purification toolkit. By incorporating this bentonite clay into your processes, you enhance the efficiency of your operations and the quality of your cannabis products, meeting high standards expected by consumers and regulators alike.

Utilize Bentonite Clay - W1 in your cannabis extraction processes to leverage its exceptional purifying properties. This strategic addition will improve the clarity and quality of your extracts, streamlining your operational efficiency and ensuring your products stand out in the competitive cannabis market.