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Refine the filtration process of your cannabis extracts with the E-Lab 25-Micron Cup Shaped Filter Paper in SM size, offered by Evolved Extraction Solutions. This premium filter paper is designed to achieve superior clarity and precision in capturing fine particulates, ensuring a more refined and clean final product.

The 25-micron pore size is expertly crafted to filter out fine sediments without slowing down the filtration rate, making it ideal for smaller-scale extractions that demand efficiency and precision. The cup-shaped design of the filter paper increases the effective surface area for filtration, enhancing its capacity to trap impurities and improve the quality of the extract.

The SM size is perfect for smaller operations or experimental runs where precision is critical, and batch sizes are controlled. This smaller size fits well with benchtop or smaller-scale filtration setups, offering flexibility and adaptability across various applications.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the E-Lab 25-Micron Cup Shaped Filter Paper withstands the demanding environments of cannabis extraction processes. It is compatible with a broad range of solvents and fits seamlessly into many different extraction setups, maintaining its integrity and effectiveness.

The E-Lab 25-Micron Cup Shaped Filter Paper - SM from Evolved Extraction Solutions is not just a piece of filter paper; it's a crucial tool in your extraction and refinement process, designed to enhance the purity and clarity of your cannabis products. By incorporating this filter paper into your operations, you ensure that your extractions meet high-quality standards, enhancing both product appeal and consumer trust.

Adopt the E-Lab SM Cup Shaped Filter Paper to streamline and improve your extraction filtration processes. This investment will aid in producing consistently high-quality extracts, positioning your products competitively in the cannabis market and ensuring customer satisfaction with every batch.