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Boost the efficiency of your laboratory operations with the E-Lab Beaker in a 3000ml (3-liter) capacity. This large beaker is an essential tool for any lab that requires the handling of significant liquid volumes for experiments, including mixing solutions, conducting chemical reactions, and performing accurate measurements.

Key advantages of this beaker include:

  1. Generous Capacity: Perfect for operations involving larger volumes.
  2. Durable Glass: Designed to resist thermal shocks and chemical wear.
  3. Clear Graduations: Features precise measurement markings for accuracy.

This 5000ml beaker is ideal for educational demonstrations that need clear visibility and volume, as well as for research labs that conduct large-scale chemical experiments. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance over multiple uses, making it a staple in any scientific setting.

Add the E-Lab Beaker - 3000ml to your laboratory tools to streamline and enhance your workflow. This beaker is invaluable for ensuring precise and efficient handling of liquids in various scientific and educational applications.