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Optimize your lab's filtration techniques with the E-Lab Filter Paper, designed with a 20-25 micron pore size and a compact 70mm diameter. This filter paper is ideal for moderate filtration, efficiently removing medium-sized particles from solutions.

Here are the key benefits of this filter paper:

  1. Effective Filtration: Perfect for particles between 20-25 microns.
  2. Small Size: The 70mm diameter fits small lab funnels and setups.
  3. Reliable Results: Provides consistent performance for everyday lab tasks.

This filter paper is excellent for basic laboratory applications that require the removal of moderate-sized particulates, such as in qualitative analysis or when prepping samples for further processing.

Include the E-Lab Filter Paper 20-25 Micron - 70mm in your laboratory supplies to improve the clarity and quality of your filtrations. This essential tool helps achieve dependable and precise results in a variety of scientific settings.