E-lab Filter paper 3 micron – 125mm


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Elevate the precision of your laboratory filtration with the E-Lab Filter Paper, designed with a 3-micron pore size and a diameter of 125mm. This filter paper is excellent for detailed filtration tasks, effectively capturing very small particles to ensure a high level of solution clarity.

Key features of this filter paper include:

  1. Fine Filtration: Its 3-micron pores efficiently trap tiny particulates.
  2. Ideal Size: The 125mm diameter fits well with standard lab equipment.
  3. Reliable Performance: Engineered for consistent and dependable use.

This filter paper is especially useful for labs conducting chemical analysis, environmental testing, or any activity that requires clean and precise filtrates.

Add the E-Lab Filter Paper 3 Micron - 125mm to your lab supplies to improve both the clarity and quality of your filtration processes. It's an essential tool for achieving accurate and trustworthy results in your scientific investigations.