E-lab Filter paper 3 micron – 150mm


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Boost your laboratory's filtration capabilities with E-Lab Filter Paper, featuring a 3-micron pore size and a 150mm diameter. This filter paper is ideal for precise filtration, effectively trapping small particles and ensuring high purity in your solutions.

Key advantages of this filter paper include:

  1. Precision Filtration: Captures very small particulates with its 3-micron pores.
  2. Suitable Size: The 150mm diameter is compatible with many funnels and holders.
  3. Consistent Quality: Delivers reliable performance for critical lab tasks.

This filter paper is great for laboratories involved in chemical analysis, quality control testing, or any process that requires exceptionally clear filtrates.

Incorporate the E-Lab Filter Paper 3 Micron - 150mm into your laboratory supplies to enhance the accuracy and cleanliness of your filtration processes. This product is crucial for achieving dependable and reproducible results in various scientific applications.