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E-Lab Rotary Evaporator Glass Feeding Tube - 10L, 20L, 50L

Product Overview:

Streamline your solvent recovery process with the E-Lab Rotary Evaporator Glass Feeding Tube, available for 10L, 20L, and 50L setups. This essential tool is designed to facilitate the easy transfer of liquids into the rotating flask of your rotary evaporator, enhancing efficiency and safety in your laboratory.


  1. Versatile Sizes: Compatible with 10L, 20L, and 50L rotary evaporators, ensuring a perfect fit for various scale operations.
  2. High-Quality Glass: Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, which stands up to chemical exposure and thermal stress.
  3. Smooth Design: Features a streamlined shape to promote efficient liquid flow with minimal resistance.


  • Improved Efficiency: Speeds up the filling process, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Safe Handling: Reduces spill risks, keeping your workspace clean and safe.
  • Easy to Clean: The glass material allows for quick cleaning between uses, maintaining hygiene and performance.

Installation Guide:

  1. Choose the correct size tube for your evaporator’s capacity.
  2. Connect the feeding tube to the input port on the top of the rotary evaporator.
  3. Begin transferring liquids as needed for your distillation process.

Ideal for:

The E-Lab Rotary Evaporator Glass Feeding Tube is perfect for laboratory technicians and chemists working in environments where precision and efficiency are key. Whether for pharmaceutical development, chemical research, or quality control, this tool will enhance your solvent recovery techniques.

Upgrade your laboratory setup with the E-Lab Rotary Evaporator Glass Feeding Tube for smoother, faster, and safer solvent processing. Its practical design and compatibility make it a must-have for any advanced extraction setup.