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E-Lab Glass Pennyhead Stopper - #24

Product Overview:

Secure your laboratory samples with confidence using the E-Lab Glass Pennyhead Stopper, #24. This precision-made stopper is designed to provide an airtight seal in flasks and bottles, effectively preventing contamination and preserving the integrity of your experiments.


  1. Airtight Seal: Ensures a tight fit to prevent leaks and protect contents from external contaminants.
  2. Durable Glass: Constructed from high-quality glass that resists chemical corrosion and thermal changes.
  3. Universal Design: Fits a wide variety of laboratory glassware, making it a versatile addition to any lab.


  • Contamination Prevention: Helps maintain the purity of your samples by guarding against pollutants.
  • Long-lasting Use: The glass construction allows for repeated sterilization and use without degradation.
  • Easy Manipulation: The pennyhead design offers a convenient grip for easy insertion and removal.

Installation Guide:

  1. Verify the neck size of your container to ensure compatibility with the #24 stopper.
  2. Clean both the stopper and container neck to maintain a sterile environment.
  3. Insert the stopper firmly to establish a secure, airtight seal.

Ideal for:

The E-Lab Glass Pennyhead Stopper - #24 is ideal for chemists, pharmacists, and laboratory technicians who require reliable seals on their chemical containers. It is particularly useful in environments where the precise handling and storage of volatile or sensitive substances are necessary.

Equip your laboratory with the E-Lab Glass Pennyhead Stopper - #24 for enhanced security and efficiency in your scientific work. Its robust design and practical functionality make it a fundamental tool for maintaining high standards in laboratory operations.