EVault – 316SS 21L Extract Container


EVault - 316SS 21L Extract Container: Optimal Storage for Large-Scale Excellence

Elevate the storage standards of your cannabis extraction operations with the EVault - 316SS 21L Extract Container. This large capacity container is engineered to meet the needs of high-volume producers who prioritize quality and safety.

Key Features:

  • Robust Material: Constructed from 316 stainless steel, this container is exceptionally resistant to corrosion, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Large Capacity: The 21-liter volume is perfect for managing larger quantities, making it an ideal choice for commercial-scale operations.
  • Tight Seal: Equipped with a secure locking mechanism, it prevents any air or impurities from compromising the quality of your extracts.
  • Effortless Handling: Designed for ease of use, the EVault opens and closes with minimal effort, simplifying your workflow.

Why Choose EVault?

  1. Maximize Freshness: Airtight and secure to keep your extracts in pristine condition.
  2. Uphold Safety: The inert nature of stainless steel guarantees that your products remain uncontaminated.
  3. Enhance Efficiency: Its sturdy build and easy-to-maintain surface speed up operations and reduce maintenance time.

The EVault - 316SS 21L Extract Container is the ultimate solution for professionals who demand excellence and efficiency in their cannabis extraction storage. It offers unparalleled protection for your valuable extracts, ensuring they stay potent and pure.

Trust EVOLVED for superior scale and security in every container.