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Fitting - 45° Elbow - Tube - 3/8in. Tube Union

Optimize your fluid handling systems with our 45° Elbow Tube Union, featuring a 3/8 inch tube-to-tube connection. This high-quality fitting is engineered for precision and reliability, making it an essential component for streamlined operations in cannabis extraction labs and other demanding environments.

Key Features:

  1. High-Strength Material: Constructed from stainless steel for durability and resistance to corrosion.
  2. Efficient Flow Design: The 45° angle enhances flow dynamics, reducing turbulence and minimizing pressure drop.
  3. Secure Fit: Provides a tight, leak-free connection, ensuring reliability and safety in your system.


  • Space Efficiency: Perfect for fitting into tighter spaces where a full 90° turn would be too cumbersome.
  • Ease of Installation: Simple and quick to install, it helps maintain workflow without unnecessary interruptions.
  • Universal Compatibility: Ideal for a variety of tubing materials and applications, from gases to liquids.

Ideal for Use In:

  • Cannabis extraction setups
  • Chemical processing facilities
  • Water treatment plants

Our 45° Elbow Tube Union is more than a fitting; it’s a strategic enhancement to your operational setup. Secure yours today to improve both the functionality and safety of your fluid systems. It’s a smart choice for professionals looking to maintain a high standard in their work environment.