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304 Stainless Steel 1/4" Female NPT Cap

Experience the ultimate in reliability and precision with our premium 1/4 inch FNPT Cap Fitting, designed for professionals in the cannabis extraction industry. This robust cap fitting is crafted from high-grade materials to ensure optimal durability and performance. Perfectly threaded to ensure a leak-proof seal, our cap fitting is ideal for securing your extraction system’s connections efficiently and safely.

Key Features:

  • Precision Threaded: Ensures a perfect, tight fit, reducing the risk of leaks and maintaining system integrity.
  • High Durability: Made from industry-leading materials that withstand harsh environments and frequent use.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for quick and secure fitting, saving time and reducing downtime.

Ideal for:

  1. Secure connections in extraction systems
  2. Maintenance and setup of distillation units
  3. Routine upgrades and system checks

Ensure your extraction processes are seamless and secure with our dependable 1/4 inch FNPT Cap Fitting. Tailored for efficiency and crafted for safety, this fitting is an essential component for any serious extraction setup.