FITTING – JIC – 1/4in. MJIC – 3/8in. FNPT


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Enhance your cannabis extraction systems with our high-quality FITTING - JIC - 1/4in. MJIC - 3/8in. FNPT. This fitting ensures a tight and secure connection, essential for maintaining system efficiency and safety. Made from superior materials, it stands up to high pressures and harsh chemicals, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Fit: Perfectly matches 1/4in. MJIC and 3/8in. FNPT threads, reducing leak risks.
  2. Strong Build: Made to endure tough conditions without wearing out.
  3. Simple Setup: Designed for easy installation, reducing downtime.


  • Connects hoses and components in high-pressure setups.
  • Fits well in both commercial and industrial extraction operations.


  • Keeps systems running smoothly by preventing leaks.
  • Secure, tight connections enhance safety.
  • Versatile for various system configurations.

Installation Steps:

  1. Check the thread sizes on both connecting ends.
  2. Use thread sealant if needed.
  3. Tighten to ensure a solid, leak-free connection.

Boost the performance and safety of your extraction systems with our reliable fittings. Designed for efficiency and safety, this fitting is a practical addition to your setup.