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What is hydrocarbon extraction?

Learn the fundamentals of Hydrocarbon Extraction with Evolved! Our one-day seminar will provide licensed producers and processors with the knowledge to maximize their hydrocarbon extraction operations.
Our professional team will provide a comprehensive overview of current extraction methods and technologies, safety protocols, operational best practices and more.

You'll leave this seminar with specialized insight into Evolved's innovative equipment configurations and processes, allowing you to optimize your operation and increase your return on investment. With our hands-on approach and advanced training materials, this seminar will provide the fundamentals necessary to succeed in hydrocarbon extraction. Our expert team will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest extraction technologies and how they can be applied to your facility. We'll show you how to maximize efficiency and reduce costs while delivering consistent quality extracts. Plus, learn best practices for your equipment's safety, maintenance and operation. With our knowledge and resources, you'll be well-equipped to take your business to the next level. Sign up today for a chance to unlock the potential of hydrocarbon extraction!

This course involves an in-class and a hands-on portion in our Health Canada-approved C1D1 booth. We will be extracting real cannabis biomass and reviewing the various end-products best suited for this extraction method.

Seminar Outline:
  • Process flow of a hydrocarbon extractor
  • Fundamental objectives of the hydrocarbon extraction process
  • Principles of thermodynamics that affect pressure, condensation and evaporation in your extraction process.
    • The 3 law of thermodynamics
    • Latent heat
    • Pressure/temperature relationship
    • Evaporation and condensation
    • Heat transfer - surface area, energy measurement, coefficients of heat transfer, delta-t, variability and uncertainty
    • Rule of thumb calculations
  • Principles of organic chemistry 
    • solubility, polarity
    • Molecular bonds, cannabinoid decarboxylation
    • Molecular weight, boiling points and why this is important concerning extraction methods
  • Cannabinoids molecules and decarboxylation
  • Operator safety and hazardous areas in the workplace
    • Explosive vapors - lower explosive limit, static charges and other sources of ignition, ventilation, 
    • Pressure safety - pressure ratings, 
  • Concentrate end product types and how to achieve them through post-processing
  • Heating and cooling your extraction system
  • Dealing with clogs mid-process
  • Molecular sieve
  • Color remediation techniques - types of media, common problems, CRC designs
  • Industry standards
    • Quality systems and sanitary standards - GPP, GMP, BPE, 3A
    • Pressure codes - ASME, CRN
    • Fire code
    • Building code - electrical, Class 1 Div. 1, Zones,