The Hashtek 25a ice water hash system - Manual Control is a bridge-style agitator with a 25-gallon agitation tank and a stainless steel false bottom.

The strap design allows for quick removal of the tank at the end of agitation. Simply strap in the tank, and you are good to agitate. When agitation is complete, you can remove the tank for biomass removal.

Our top-down ice water hash systems agitation allows you to maximize yields with ‘freeflow’ runs. This is as opposed to ‘washing machine’ style agitators that hurt yields by having biomass in small zipped-up washbags and an impeller at the bottom that shoots trichomes back up into the plant slurry. Foaming is non-existent with our low-speed, high-torque agitation.


  • 304 Stainless Steel Bridge
  • Custom-built SS paddle, pinned for easy removal & compatible with all styles of Hashtek Paddle (including our max yield and iceless paddles)
  • AC 3 Phase Motor & Gearbox
  • Electrical Control Panel with Speed Control
  • Programmable for Automated Variable direction control (i.e back and forth mixing)
  • Can be wired to run on 120v or 240v (We recommend 240v if you have GFIC outlets in your facility as they can sometimes cause issues with the VFD)
  • Includes 25 Gallon – Heavy Walled Stainless Steel Tank
    • Dual 1.5″ TC Ports at input and output
    • Hashtek Stainless Steel Mesh Screen (replacing the need for 220u work bags)
    • Sanitary Nitrile Gasket around removable mesh screen for easy cleaning
    • Sanitary Butterfly Valve, Elbow and 1″ Barb for recirculation water
  • Cross compatible with a 50-gallon tank if you choose to upgrade down the road.
  • Process 7,500 g of fresh frozen material per run
  • We recommend 45-60 min of mixing with 3 pulls (20 minutes per agitation cycle)
  • Dimensions of the A-series agitator are 21″ x 32″ x 42″ (W x L x H)
  • Available with 7″ LCD Touch Screen or Analog Control. The list price includes Analog Control.
    • LCD touch screen gives you more granular control over fine-tuning the agitator speed, fwd/reverse times and speed ramps.
    • LCD touch screen allows for the control of two auxiliary pumps that plug into the bridge control panel (pumps not included)
    • If you want to produce the highest quality melt, we always recommend going for the LCD screen

Hashtek A-Series Data Sheet

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