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Introducing the Hemispherical Jacketed Collection Base with a 3/8-inch MNPT Port, a revolutionary component designed by Evolved Extraction Solutions to optimize your cannabis extraction process. With an 8-inch diameter, this collection base is engineered to enhance the efficiency and safety of your extractions, providing a seamless solution for solvent recovery and product collection.

Crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, this hemispherical base offers unmatched durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring longevity and consistent performance under the demanding conditions of cannabis extraction. The stainless steel construction also ensures that your extracts remain pure and uncontaminated, preserving their potency and flavor.

The jacketed design of this collection base is its standout feature, providing temperature control capabilities that are essential for managing the condensation and recovery of solvents. This feature allows for more precise control over the extraction environment, leading to higher yields and improved quality of the final product. The 3/8-inch MNPT port offers convenient access for temperature control fluids, making it easy to connect to your existing cooling or heating systems.

Designed for versatility, the Hemispherical Jacketed Collection Base fits seamlessly with 8-inch tri-clamp fittings, allowing for easy installation and integration into your current extraction setup. This compatibility ensures a leak-proof connection, minimizing downtime and maximizing the efficiency of your operation.

Whether you're processing high-quality CBD, THC, or other cannabinoid extracts, the Hemispherical Jacketed Collection Base from Evolved Extraction Solutions is an indispensable tool. It not only streamlines the post-extraction process but also enhances the safety and control over your extractions, leading to a superior end product.

Elevate your cannabis extraction operation with the Hemispherical Jacketed Collection Base. It's not just an addition to your setup; it's a critical component that redefines what's possible in extraction efficiency and product quality. Trust Evolved Extraction Solutions to provide the innovative solutions you need to stay ahead in the competitive cannabis industry.