Heptane – ACS Grade – 20L



Experience the superior quality of Heptane - ACS Grade - 20L, a premium solvent essential for both laboratory and industrial applications. This 20-liter container of Heptane adheres strictly to ACS standards, ensuring purity and reliability for a wide range of uses. Whether you're performing analytical procedures, chromatography, or extracting oils and fats, Heptane's ACS Grade purity guarantees optimal performance. Here's why it's a standout choice:

  • High Purity: Heptane meets stringent ACS Grade standards, ensuring minimal impurities for precise scientific applications.
  • Versatile Solvent: Perfect for extractions, liquid chromatography, and general laboratory tasks, providing versatility across scientific disciplines.
  • Bulk Convenience: The 20-liter container offers cost-effectiveness and reduces packaging waste, ideal for large-scale operations.

Trust Heptane - ACS Grade - 20L to elevate the quality of your laboratory work and industrial processes.

Get the best Heptane on the market - ACS Grade - 20L from Evolved. At Evolved, we provide premium quality heptane that's ideal for all your extraction needs. Our heptane is highly pure and absolutely safe for use in laboratories. With its low flash point and excellent solvency properties, it can be used as a reaction medium or as a solvent to extract essential oils. And with our 20 liter container, you'll have more than enough to meet your needs. Don't settle for less when you need absolute purity - get Evolved's Heptane today!