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Discover the pinnacle of extraction efficiency with the Stainless Steel Sleeved Columns, exclusively from Evolved Extraction Solutions. Designed for the cannabis extraction industry, this column stands at an impressive 6 inches in diameter and 40 inches in height, offering unparalleled capacity and performance for your extraction needs.

Constructed from the finest 304 stainless steel, these sleeved columns are not only built to last but are also designed to withstand the rigorous demands of cannabis extraction processes. The material guarantees high resistance to corrosion and chemical damage, ensuring that your setup remains hygienic and efficient over countless extraction cycles.

Featuring a 6-inch Tri-Clamp (TC) connection, these columns are engineered for easy integration into your existing extraction system, providing a seamless and leak-proof fit. The generous 40-inch height maximizes the volume of material that can be processed, increasing throughput and efficiency without sacrificing quality or purity of the final product.

The sleeved design is a game-changer, offering enhanced thermal regulation during extractions. This feature is crucial for maintaining the ideal temperatures necessary for efficient and effective separation of cannabis compounds, resulting in extracts of the highest potency and purity.

Whether you're processing CBD, THC, or other valuable cannabinoids, the Stainless Steel Sleeved Columns from Evolved Extraction Solutions are the perfect addition to your setup. They offer not only superior durability and performance but also the flexibility to adapt to various extraction techniques, making them a versatile tool in the quest for premium cannabis products.

Elevate your cannabis extraction operation with these Stainless Steel Sleeved Columns and experience a new level of efficiency and quality. Designed for professionals who demand the best, these columns are an essential investment for anyone serious about leading the industry in extraction technology and product excellence.